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Let's face it, love is complicated! But it's how you deal with those complications that makes and breaks a relationship. My husband and I aren't perfect and neither are our kids. And our imperfections can lead to some of the most hilarious things we say to one another! So sit back and enjoy the laughs!

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Jena graduated from the DARE program today!!
So proud of her! Gonna frame that diploma!
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US education data: 8,000 toddlers suspended from preschool
Politico: New data from the U.S. Department of Education shows more than 8,000 3- and 4-year-olds were suspended at least once during the 2011 school year. Experts say the number is small, but significant. 

The stat is part of a flood of information from the Obama administration that examines race and equity issues in schools through dozens of data points, from pay for teachers in low-income schools to the percentage of black students taking AP calculus. …
Gaping disparities in how school discipline has been meted out has long been a department focus, but the new data show that those racial gaps start early: Black children constitute 18 percent of all kids attending preschool but account for 48 percent of all students suspended more than once, the new data show.

The data “shines a clear, unbiased light” on which areas are and aren’t delivering on equity in education, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said.
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Spent the past 2 days fixing the yard and mud room

Last summer our lawn mower broke and we had to hire someone to come mow the lawn every few weeks. Well, they weren’t careful and got grass and weed seeds in our flower beds. Nick and I never got a chance to take care of the problem and by fall our beds were overrun. This is the result after all the snow melted this winter…


And this is after 4 hours of work removing weeds, grass roots, old mulch, and dead leaves! (which I’m still feeling today…)
Our yellow and white daffodils. red tulips, and purple hyacinths are some resilient fuckers! They were coming up under all that crap!


We also made a new spot in the front lawn for a bunch of daffodils.


And years after buying the house we finally did up the front of the house lining the porch. Nothing planted just yet.


And today, hours in the cold and dealing with some incompetent Home Depot workers, we added shelves to our mud room for storage and growing homes for future plants and flowers. This mud room is directly in the sun when it rises each morning which is great for our seedlings.


Like I said, I’m still in pain from all the work (my legs are the sorest part of my body) but it feels good to get things done and do something positive. I’ve spent weeks being stressed, so much so that I’ve lost 7lbs…(well I need to lose weight anyway) But I didn’t want to think of all of that stress and spend the whole weekend inside (also all my friends went to a con that we couldn’t afford to go to)

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When the baby is in his high chair and holding his sippy cup off the table and over the kitchen floor, and I tell him “Don’t you dare drop that.”


He’s like:

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