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Let's face it, love is complicated! But it's how you deal with those complications that makes and breaks a relationship. My husband and I aren't perfect and neither are our kids. And our imperfections can lead to some of the most hilarious things we say to one another! So sit back and enjoy the laughs!
And we’re still together…
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So cute
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Jena is watching the Cat In the Hat Knows A Lot About That and asks…

Jena: Mommy, would you be like Nick’s mom and be okay with me going on an adventure with the Cat in the Hat?
Me: Yes. Because as far as I know you’re imaging it.
Jena: But I wouldn’t be. It would be real.
Me: I wouldn’t know that. If you asked, “Mom can I got to the moon with the Cat in the Hat to learn about space?” I’d laugh, “Okay sure Jena. Go to the moon with the Cat in the Hat. Have fun ya crazy kid!”
Jena: Hmm
Me: So I wouldn’t know that this magical cat has kidnapped my children for the afternoon.
Jena: He’s not kidnapping them, Mom! He’s borrowing them!
Me: ….Congratulations Jena… you’re on your way to becoming a psychopath…



An 8-year-old’s homework. via

and he got a fucking star 
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